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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ:

We live in historic times! We have entered the second 50 years of Charismatic Renewal and the Holy Spirit is again helping us “sing a new song unto the LORD!”

I am certain you aware by now that the Holy Father has initiated a change to the organization of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. The two current organizations who work alongside of the Pontifical Council for Laity, Family and Life – ICCRS and the Catholic Fraternity – are losing their Pontifical Private Association status. The new organization Catholic Charismatic Renewal International Service, CHARIS “has been erected by the Holy See, through the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life, with public juridical personality according to canons 116-123 of the Code of Canon Law.”

This constitutes a significant change from Private to Public. ICCRS will be dissolved. The Catholic Fraternity’s leaders, since we are a membership organization, will be meeting in late June to discuss how to reorganize. Over the last 25 years of our ministry with the Papacy we’ve received the guidance of Pope’s Saint John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Pope Francis forming us to provide grass roots “Co-workers in the Vineyard of the Lord” relationships at the service of bishops, priests, deacons and the Lay Ecclesial Ministers of the Church. We’ve partnered directly for many years with Josef Cardinal Cardes, the founder of World Youth Day’s and many other Cardinals in the Vatican. We partner with each other to help foster committed ecclesial relationships so a truly “Co-Responsible, spiritually mature laity” can affect the New Evangelization, in partnership with clergy, across the globe. Strong developed partnerships between like-minded Catholics who have experienced Baptism in the Holy Spirit and desire to work for Christian Unity are what is needed to effect all of our cultures and bring them into the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as LORD.

There are many obvious questions that everyone in the CCR want to have answered. Most importantly, how do we partner with each other within CHARIS and move forward to “light a fire on the earth!” How do we become true “Disciples in Mission” energizing every Christian with an authentic zeal for the Gospel as led by the Holy Spirit. What is my part? Where can I fit in? How can I partner in this historic time and mission being led and initiated by the Pope himself!

No human space could contain all of the members of the Charismatic Renewal who are seeking answers. Therefore, the Catholic Fraternity has partnered with the Awakening the Domestic Church project and Something Like Real pictures to LIVE STREAM OUR INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE from Augusta, Georgia, USA starting with a Day for Clergy on June 28, 2018. This conference is open to everyone “in cyberspace” via live stream. We highly encourage Clergy, especially permanent deacons, to attend the conference in person. We believe you are key to the renewal of the Church over the next 50 years of Charismatic Renewal since CHARIS is a non-governance entity and faithful clergy constitute the proper governance in the church.

All registered online participants, clergy and laity, will have access to all of the presentations given from Thursday, June 28 – Sunday July 1, 2018 via a private viewing portal until Pentecost 2019 when Pope Francis launches CHARIS officially.

Sign up online now for the online presentation. Please share this opportunity with all who are interested in the future of the renewal and participating in this truly global conference. We will live stream in the native languages and then add translations for all talks to English, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, and French within a week.

Groups over 10 who gather at one location receive a discount if you register your group with us. Groups will receive a special password and will receive additional material to help with group discussions and future regional planning. They will also receive additional support for group formation in the future.

Please, Please, Please don’t wait to register for the conference. Due to the limited time to expand the focus of our conference to include you, we need many registrations prior to June 1st to pay for the media pre-costs, translations services and planning expenses. Registering today will help us dramatically.

If you are planning on attending any conference this year, this is the one you don’t want to miss!! There will be over 17 presentations by international leaders, with the added accessibility of translations! Don’t wait, start planning now by registering today. Start gathering your friends to watch with you. Then plan to show the conference again and again throughout the year until everyone is able to become comfortable with this historic change and become the evangelists we are all called to become.

Please register for the LIVE STREAM event at:

Full Conference info is at:

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