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The average temperature is 90F or 32C.  The average low is 70F or 21C.  Usually humid.  Might want to bring a light sweater due to air conditioning.


Air transportation into Augusta’s Bush Field Airport is through American Airlines via Charlotte, or Delta Airlines via Atlanta.  Taxi transportation from the Augusta airport  is available and only 10 minutes to the hotels. Also car rental from Charlotte, Atlanta to Augusta is available at Charlotte and Atlanta  airports which are about 150 miles or 250 kilometers from Augusta.

Once in the hotel, the Alleluia Community will provide transportation to and from the hotels to the conference site for those without a car.  Distance between hotels and conference site is about 4 miles or 5.5 kilometers.


All sessions will have translations into English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French.  To receive translation, you must download an FM app onto your smartphone.  Or you must bring an AM/FM transistor radio with you and radio frequency location number for your language will be given to you at the conference.  (Please bring ear phones for either smart phone or radio devices).  There will be no head phone sets used or available.